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Costs Associated with Assisted Living Facilities

When looking for an assisted living facility for their senior loved one, one of the things that shock people is the price. The cost of assisted living facilities are often compared to that of in-home care, in that the latter usually costs less than assisted living. However, as with any real estate and goods and services, the cost of assisted living is heavily dependent on place and the supply and demand in the area. This is something that should be greatly considered when looking for an assisted living facility.

Aside from location, other factors that could weigh on your decision are the size of the room, the degree of care needed by the senior, and other additional fees. Bigger space means more cost, and since each resident has their own specific needs, those needs more assistance may have to additional fees. Furthermore, assisted living facilities often require administrative fees that are often non-refundable after moving into the facility; this would cover for a number of things such as enrolling the senior resident to available services to renovating their rooms.

Although the cost for assisted living is almost the same as that of in-home care, the fundamental difference between the two is the quality of life. Seniors greatly benefit from an engaging and vibrant community which can offer them regular opportunities for entertainment and social interaction. Getting seniors engaged in daily social activities help in keeping them mentally and physically fit, equating to a healthier and more enjoyable retirement years.

All in all, children should first look into the their senior loved ones lifestyle to see if in-home care is a good option than an assisted living facility. Make sure that the decision that you make will not affect the seniors’ quality of life, rather only help enrich it and guarantee that they are taken care of in the best way available.