Road Defects

When we hear of a car accidents, we often blame the car or cars involved. They may have failed to yield or ran a stop sign, causing an accident. While this is often the case, sometimes defective roads can be the real cause of an accident. Defective roads are often caused by not being properly maintained by local municipalities, leading to real dangers for unsuspecting drivers.

Some common causes of road defect accidents may seem to be just an annoyance to most drivers, but are often overlooked for their ability to cause serious damage and injuries. One of the most common frustrations is potholes that cannot seem to be avoided. However, most people don’t realize that running over a pothole can damage the tires, suspensions, and alignment of a car, according to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP. Road defects such as a shoulder drop off and uneven payment can lead to similar damages to a car as well as accidents that can leave an individual with serious injuries.

Another road defect caused by municipality negligence is lack of road signs. Signs such as stop signs and speed limit warnings are essential to safe driving conditions and regulating traffic. When a municipality fails to put these signs up or replace those that are damaged to a point that they are unreadable, they put drivers at an increased risk of an accident.

While car accidents are often caused by the actions of an individual driving a car, road defects can also lead to devastating accidents. These road defects may not just be frustrating but extremely dangerous. Even worse, these defects are often preventable and are caused by municipal negligence. With all the risks inherently present in driving a vehicle, negligent defects should not be another.

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